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Winnipeg Firewood Guide - A Firewood online resource

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Welcome to the Winnipeg Firewood Guide!

Winnipeg Firewood – In the event that you are burning wood in a fireplace, wood stove, or a furnace, good quality wood is key to efficiency and safety. The Firewoodguide.com is your online resource for anything and all things to do with Winnipeg firewood and the fuel for all wood burning devices.

Fuelwood or firewood – No matter what you call it, Winnipeg firewood will provide quality information to enhance your wood burning endeavors.

We may be called the Winnipeg Firewood Guide, but all locations are welcome!

Firewood Winnipeg? Firewood Calgary? Firewood Ontario

It doesn’t matter if you are located in Winnipeg, Calgary, or even Ontario, all locations are welcome! Winnipeg firewood will provide quality information regardless of your location. We will at first focus in Canada, covering all Provinces and Territories, with future coverage for the United States planned. 

The firewoodguide.com plans to remove confusion, as well as provide education when it comes to purchasing, preparing, storage, and usage of wood for heating and cooking purposes.

Buying Quality Firewood in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg – firewood is as much a necessity as it is a privilege when you factor in Winnipeg’s punishing winters, as well as the gorgeous, bonfire-worthy summers.

When buying Winnipeg firewood, be sure to shop around as prices, services, and availability vary with each supplier.

A quick reconnaissance of Winnipeg firewood suppliers shows a couple of interesting points

  1. There are not many sites for Winnipeg firewood that have a decent functioning website to gather information.
  2. A lot of sold out suppliers for Winnipeg firewood indicate that maybe pre-ordering your firewood is required.

Winnipeg firewood supplier #1

Our first Winnipeg firewood supplier offers cut, seasoned birch firewood already bagged in varying amounts as follows;

1/4 cord –
1/2 cord –
3/4 cord –
1 cord –
1 1/4 cord –
1 1/2 cords –
1 3/4 cords –
2 cords –

1 bag
2 bags
3 bags
4 bags
5 bags
6 bags
7 bags
8 bags


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The above prices are all pick up prices only. Should you require delivery and stacking, add $60 per cord. They also offer a limited supply of Pine at $60 for a ¼ cord.

Winnipeg firewood supplier #2

Our second supplier of Winnipeg firewood offers very similar pricing while providing more variations in the types of wood available. Prices are for cut and split wood for pick up only. If you prefer delivery, you can order 1, 2, or 3 cords with a $60 delivery charge regardless of the load size. There site does not say if there is a stacking charge on top of the other charges.



Winnipeg firewood supplier #3

Our third supplier of Winnipeg firewood seemingly offers only tamarack wood for sale. Their pricing stucture is for cut, split and dried tamarack wood delivered within Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1 cord
1/2 cord
1/4 cord



Firewood Permit Requirements in Canada

Winnipeg firewood - Map of Canada - Canadian Provinces and TerritoriesBurning wood for a campfire or bonfire is both a privilege as well as a Canadian national right. Canada’s forest system being as vast and beautiful as it is, makes it especially momentous when one is able to interact with nature and “live off the land”.Cutting and burning wood for fuel offers rewards that is hard to find anywhere else.

However, one cannot just go around chopping up trees and starting fires. Maintaining our forests requires a strategy accompanied by regulations. In most Canadian areas, permits are required to cut your own wood for fuel. Firewood permit requirements in Canada vary from Province to Province. Please select your Province/Territory below for more detailed information.

Firewood Storage – Wood Logs

To assist you in purchasing or providing the best firewood, we will have articles detailing how to properly store green and seasoned wood, as well as green and seasoned wood logs. One might think it is very easy to store wood, but there are a lot of factors that go into producing burn-ready wood. If your wood is not appropriately cared for, stacked well and stored properly, there are many hazardous issues that can occur. With the information provided here at Firewood.com, we hope to make all your efforts positive!

Green & Seasoned Wood

Winnipeg firewood - Splitting WoodThe number one factor in safety and successful wood burning is moisture content. Wood must be seasoned to burn safe and properly. Once the wood has been cut, it’s considered “green.” Green wood is extremely wet and its weight is mostly moisture and sap. Wood needs to be low in moisture, roughly a quarter of its weight, to be used as firewood and burn properly, which means it is “seasoned.” Seasoned firewood happens naturally once it has been cut, stacked and stored accurately

Also, We will have information, tips, and reviews of wood cutting equipment. Everything from the purchase and use of a  Chainsaw,  firewood splitter, firewood moisture meter, firewood rack, and many more items.

Measuring wood – End the confusion!

Have you ever attempted to purchase firewood only to become more confused the more you read and talked to people? Everyone using different measurements and terminology only compounds the confusion. You can’t be expected to be a expert, so my advice to you is to learn the basics the best you can and then use your terminology with all your inquiries. Force the vendor to speak on terms you understand.

A basic starting points are that a Cord of wood is – 4’x4’x8′ = 128 Cubic feet, and a Half Cord – 4’x4’x4′ = 64 cubic feet

We do have detailed information in our blog regarding measurement requirements of firewood and advice to save you money if you feel adventurous.

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