Firewood Permit Requirements in British Columbia

British Columbia members of the public who wish to cut firewood on vacant Crown land for personal use must obtain authorization via a “Free Use Permit for Firewood” from the Ministry of Forests. While there is no charge for this privilege, You must commit to abide by a number of simple rules that are outlined in the Free Use Permit. Firewood cutters must obtain a ‘Free Use Permit’ from each Forest District where they intend to cut firewood on Crown land, signed by each District Manager or designate. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to determine whether he/she is cutting on ‘vacant crown land’ (e.g. NOT private land or Indian Reserve).

In British Columbia it is up to the permit holder to ensure they are on Crown land.

Before signing, each permittee must read and understand the conditions of the free use permit for firewood cutting. The Permit must be carried with the permittee at all times and must be produced at the request of a Forest Officer, Conservation Officer or a Peace Officer. Cutting firewood on Crown Land without this permit will, more than likely result in the confiscation of the wood and possible charges.

British Columbia is comprised of several different Regions and districts, all available here.

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