Firewood Permit Requirements New Brunswick

In New Brunswick a permit to harvest firewood on Crown land is required. The program provides public access to fuelwood on Crown lands in a manner consistent with the management and sustainability of the forest for other timber products and uses.

New Brunswick permit facts;

  • Eligibility for a firewood permit is open to the general public.
  • All firewood permits in New Brunswick Expire March 31 of each calendar year.
  • Each permit holder must ensure that all conditions of the permit are understood and followed.
  • Firewood is subject to availability, and the sole risk of the endeavor is that of the permit holder.
New Brunswick Roadside Clean-up

Permits may be issued to individuals to obtain fuelwood from roadside logging slash; tops, broken pieces, undersized trees etc. that are left over from harvesting operations. Volume limits may apply. The permit holder must be on site when harvesting occurs.

New Brunswick Fuelwood Clean-up

Permits for fuelwood clean-up areas may be issued to individuals to harvest fuelwood material in low volume areas. Areas where fuelwood material are available are designated by the department. Each household is limited to approximately 7 cords, or 14 cubic meters. Permits are issued to the householder, and the householder must be on the site while harvesting is taking place, accepting responsibility for the conditions on which the permit was issued.

For visit the following link to further information on obtaining a New Brunswick permit to harvest fuelwood

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