Firewood Permit Requirements in Quebec

In Quebec, I was really surprised to not find anything that pointed me to a web site with any information regarding personal use permits?

The only information regarding Quebec and firewood is in the Forest Act; where I am informed that chapter F-4.1 is replaced by the Sustainable Development Act.

According to this Act, a forest management permit is required for any Timber felling and harvesting, among other items.

A forest management permit may be granted for a period not exceeding 12 months.

The Minister shall issue a forest management permit for the harvest of firewood for domestic purposes to every natural person who applies therefor in writing.

All very well, but I want to know where the average person is to obtain the permit to cut down their own firewood.

So far Quebec is the toughest Province to find any straight forward information about.

I am not even sure Quebec allows average people to cut their own personal use fuel wood?

So I am asking for anyone with any information to please contact me so I can pass this information along.

The document I cited is linked here.


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