Firewood Permit Requirements in Manitoba

Manitoba is no different than any other Province or territory when it comes to the cutting and removal of wood from crown land. A person cannot just go and cut wood for firewood, and transport it anywhere they feel like.

Manitoba has to consider and control forest sustainability, as well as the spread of firewood pests. Consider for a second what would occur if wood is being cut at a faster pace than it is being replenished? Such a circumstance would definately lead to very large problems. If pest infested wood is removed and moved to other locations, this could be a threat to the new locations wood supply.

Someone needs to control these and many other aspects of our forests. That someone is the Manitoba Provincial Government.

Manitoba personal use permits are for personal use

In Manitoba, If you choose to cut down the wood yourself, personal use permits are available. The personal use permit allows an individual to cut firewood on Crown Land for personal use. Since it is being cut down for personal use, it is illegal to sell any wood that was cut under the authority of the personal use timber permit. These permits are issued for one year and cost is based on volume harvested. 

Manitoba Provincial c0ntact information

Please follow the link to the Manitoba Government site for more information regarding permits for cutting firewood in Manitoba.

For more information about Timber Dealers licenses contact 204-945-1067.


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